Bow Lake Free Will Baptist Church

Following The Teachings Of Jesus Christ 


About Sunday School


“Our Lessons come from Danielle’s Place, a Bible Based program for young children. We are currently using “ABC, I Believe Lessons” which are based on Animals found in the Bible.  

A is for Ants - We can learn from the ants and become wise. The ants do their work even when they don't have someone telling them what to do or checking up on them. (Proverbs 6: 6-8) 

B is for Bees - God created bees for a special purpose. They all have important jobs to do. If God created these tiny little insects for such an important job, how much more important is the job you were created for. Just like these insects, God has a plan for your life, but you are so much more important than an insect.  You were created in God's own likeness. You are his masterpiece. 

C is for Cats - Children learn about how to overcome fear through this make-believe story about a little, scaredy-cat lion who meets Daniel in the lion's den. Isaiah 41:10 

D is for (Beware of the) Dogs - Don't get involved in someone else's fight or you may be sorry. Don't get others involved in your fights. Proverbs 26:17

 And on right through the Alphabet. Come join us for an animal lesson!

  The Third Sunday of each month is “Bring a Grandchild to Church” Sunday. We hope to have lots of children visiting on that day each month.”